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It's About Time

About The Film

From the moment of birth, man is timed. For Israelis, time ticks double speed, pursued by a glorious past, an uncertain future and a dubious present.


Four jazz musicians accompany the story of the improvised management of time since the unplanned birth of the Israeli state. The film is a chance to experience time as you watch it.It's a mosaic of dialogues, with a little girl, a psychiatrist, an Olympic swimmer, a news editor, a lifeguard, a stand-up comic, and others.


It's about time in a country in which Middle Eastern time coexists with Western time, where religious time rubs shoulders with secular time. A country in which the ticking of uncertainty threatens adults and challenges youth. Yet in this land of compelling diversity, everyone without exception,marches to the beat of time, from the day they are born till the day they die. After all, isn't that what people do everywhere?


This is a very human story about people, wondering if they have used time to its fullest, or if they could have done it any other way.

Have you got the time to see this film?


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