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Doing Time Doing Vipassana


Something unique is happening in India's prisons - something that is affecting penal systems around the world!


This is the story of how hope came to one of the most notorious prisons in the world - Tihar Jail in New Delhi. It is the story of India's first woman Inspector General of Prisons, Kiran Bedi, and how she dared to fight for genuine rehabilitation of the thousands under her care. Most of all it is the story of the prison inmates themselves, and the profound changes they underwent through the practice of Vipassana meditation.

It's About Time


Time - the only asset that is equally distributed to any newborn - is the most precious and yet so easy to waste...  What looks like a commonplace topic gets thoughtful and clever treatment in this colorfully shot documentary "It's About Time". From zippy credits and slick editing, to its cool live jazz score, it ticks and contemplates the nature of Time, both in its universal and uniquely Israeli settings. Amusingly placed people from all generations and walks of life, deal with the passage of time, using the most characteristic of Jewish weapons: humor...

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